• 8-10th ‘Coaching & Woman’ with Bet Masallera i Kato
  • 15-17th Retreat with ‘Shakti Essencial’
  • 22-24th ‘Mindfulness’ retreat with Maribel Alpiste



  • 2-6th: Yin Ioga retreat in english with Magdalena Mikulak (UK)
  • 10-12th: Ioga retreat
  • 17-19th ‘Mindfulness’ retreat
  • 22th: Outdoor workshop. FES Olot



  • 8-14th: Ioga retreat in english with Anna Easton (UK)


Activities carried out in Can Felicià:

  • Aerial yoga workshop with partner + conscious ‘Brunch’
  • Conscious cuisine workshop: ‘Batch cooking’ summer
  • Yoga and ‘with-touch’ retreat
  • ‘Mindfulness’ retreat
  • ‘Dance, yoga and meditation’ retreat
  • Gourmet conscious cuisine workshop
  • Course on ‘Outdoor leadership’
  • ‘Balance and nourish your emotions’ retreat
  • Teacher training in Yin Yoga
  • Healthy and alkalising cooking workshop
  • Meeting of La Garrotxa’s Rural Tourism Association
  • Cycle of kitchen workshops
  • Meeting and lunch at La Garrotxa’s regional council
  • Music therapy and musical stimulation workshop for babies and children from 3 to 12 years old
  • DO Empordà wine tasting and matching with proximity