Can Felicià

We are Jordi and Clara and we would like to welcome you to our home.

We work to promote sustainable tourism; to convey the importance of a conscious and respectful way of eating, which takes into account the producer, the product and the consumer, and to facilitate the connection with nature and the sense of well-being it offers.

We offer an environment to reconnect ourselves with simplicity, and we do it by proposing activities, workshops, retreats and events for anyone who may be interested.

Cuisine, bio-construction, music therapy or natural resources are some areas of our interest and that differentiate us as an accommodation. It is from Can Felicià that our paths come together as one, and from here we hope to coincide with yours.

Jordi & Clara

The old school

Can Felicià has been a rural tourism accommodation since 1995 but its original purpose was very different. The house was built in 1864 by Monsignor Felicià, the smallest son of the Noguer de Segueró with the aim of offering a school for all the children in the neighborhood. Intermittently, the school continued its work until the mid 50’s.

At the end of 2014, we took over from Marta and Víctor, who had started the rural tourism project, and decided to make a change of life and come to live in Segueró.

Throughout these years the project has been evolving hand in hand with our concerns and values. Our motivation goes beyond welcoming tourists, as we work to strengthen our bond with this place to give value to each stay and make it a complete experience, whilst keeping the essence of the old school.