Sustainable & healthy gastronomy

In Can Felicià we give great importance to good nutrition. We offer natural and seasonal cuisine, with local, fresh and organic products.

Simple cuisine but with great care for both the product and the final dish.

We offer our vision of cooking in each one of the dishes, through a great wealth of aromas, textures and combinations of foods that will make the meal a very good experience.
We believe in a form of nutrition which is conscious and respectful with the environment for its preservation, therefore we promote a diet based on vegetable-origin ingredients as the basis of our meals.

  • Breakfasts offer a wide selection of products, free buffet-type meal with homemade and local products. You’ll find sweet and savory options on a daily basis.
  • For dinner you can taste a seasonal menu with organic and local ingredients.
  • We offer an organic wine and cavas menu, DO Empordà and handmade beers.

Contact us if you have any food intolerance or food allergy, so we can adapt the menu to your needs.

La Clara, the chef of Can Felicià

Clara Pallarès, trained at the Hospitality School of Hofmann in Barcelona, she specializes in natural cuisine, promoting the importance of the product and the producer as a fundamental aspect in the elaboration of her dishes.

Her kitchen reflects her curiosity and interestedness for constant learning. Fresh, creative cooking, an eye for detail, with vegetables as the main ingredients. A timeless cuisine, without labels and in constant evolution.

Cooking, health and the environment are totally related concepts that we cannot ignore. Combined properly they can form an extraordinary tandem.